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—  Tea Menu  —

"We're all simply mad about tea!" - Alice


Black Tea


Darjeeling 2nd flush -
Semi-brisk tea with a floral aroma, often called the "champagne" of teas

 - Earl Grey -  
Gold Tips of premium black tea with a twist of Bergamot

- English Breakfast -

A robust wide-awake blend of English Breakfast black tea

- Masala Chai -

Traditional Indian Masala spices with full notes of cardamom, ginger and clove - zesty and stimulating

Apricot                  Blood Orange               Organic Berry

Fruit and Spice Blend               House Blend “Cream Orange”                 Vanilla


- Oolong Ti Kwan Yin (Rare Tea) -

Lightly fermented with sweet, acidic and flowery honey notes

Green Tea


- Green Jade Cloud -

Classic green; pleasantly earthy with a sweet and nutty finish

- Jasmine Green -

Sweet and soothing with a fresh jasmine blossoms

- Pomegranate Green -

Lively fruit aroma with natural pomegranate

- Yerba Mate -

Energizing with strong vegetal and grassy notes

Herbal Infusions

 - Ginger Lemon -

Spicy-sweet experience, coupled with a lingering, bracing finish

- Peppermint -
Minty, peppery and cooling

 - South African Sunset -

Rooibos with hibiscus flowers and a twist of fruit

- Golden Chamomile -  

Mildly sweet chamomile blossoms with a soothing floral aroma